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Tamra Forde

Renegade Facebook Marketer Reveals How Your
Business Can Feast On New Clients And Profits
Using Direct Response Facebook Ads

At last! You can stop losing money on Ads that don’t work…
and… start creating promotions that generate serious cash flow
for your business…

Dear Business Owner,

Let’s get very clear on one thing first, because gee, I don’t want to waste your time, or my time.

If you want to use Facebook to make people “aware” of your Brand, and business… with “awareness campaigns,” to “strengthen brand awareness… and let people “know of your presence”….
Please leave now because…

I’m not the person for you. I refuse to do that, “fluff” non-measurable, wasteful, low to No ROI stuff… to put it very politely.

Okay, still here?


Then I’m glad we cleared the air, and we’re both on the same page here.

Because I only work with business owners who want to use
Facebook ads to generate serious cash flow in their business…

Did I just describe you?

Well great then, you and I are going to get along just fine.

Unlike a lot of other so called Social Media “Experts” that are a
dime a dozen, Tamra Forde is the Real Deal!


“I was wanting to know whether there was some “real money” in a particular niche, so rather than just spend a ton of money finding out the expensive way I got Tamra to research the niche for me. Well, Tamra really knows her stuff when it comes to Facebook marketing. She did very specific Facebook research for me which immediately identified how big the market was, who they were, and how to get in front of them with the right advertising. If you want someone who knows what they’re doing with Facebook Ads, and knows how to get you results, then you need to talk to Tamra”.

Mal Emery, The Millionaire Maker

Tell you what, because you and I are getting on so well, I’m going to let you in on a profitable little secret.

Okay, but you’ve got to keep it a secret once I tell you.

Shhh…come in close… here’s the secret.

To get rivers of money, flowing into your business from Facebook ads, the page the traffic lands on after the click the ad is CRITICAL. This page will make, or break your campaign.

Yeah you need kick-butt bring me the money ads, but you also need a kick-butt,
convert-it-into-money website pages.

But we can talk more about that over a secure phone line where your competition can’t hear us.

Anyway, you rolled up here because you’re looking into Facebook advertising. Smart move.

If getting real results from Facebook Ads are important for you… If you want to get people off Facebook and get them buying your products or using your service

Here’s what you’ll want to do now.

Fill out the form right below, then hit the send button. I’ll then read your form and see if you’re the type of business we can help generate serious cash flow
for.If you are, I’ll email you back within 24 hours, and organise a 20- Minute Facebook Profits phone call with you, so I can find out a little more about what you do, and want.If you’re not the type of business we can work with then I’ll email you and respectfully let you know. It’s just that not every business is suited to
Facebook advertising, and I’m not about wasting people’s time or money.

Crossfit Business Gets Over 80 Leads & $5000 Worth of New
Business With Facebook Ads


“We got 48 sign ups in 4.6weeks for the $29 trial program and 95% of them signed up as full paying shanemembers”

And we generated another 41
new leads in 20 days”

*A membership ranges from $2000 a year to $2400* Shane Crossfit Urban Energy

Facebook Profits Funnels

When do you want to get your Facebook Profits Funnel up and running ?