Why Facebook Fans Won’t Buy From You

//Why Facebook Fans Won’t Buy From You

Why Facebook Fans Won’t Buy From You

I had an interesting conversation with some business owners over the Christmas break, just relaxed chats over good food and wine of course.

I don’t know about you but my ability to eat a lot more seafood and relax with a wine daily becomes habit over the Christmas break.

Luckily I’m back into the swing of things of eating healthier, drinking less and training 4 times each week.

Having this routine helps me think clearly and get shit done 🙂

You know when I’ve had a wine I let a few secrets slip here and there, stuff I normally wouldn’t reveal unless a client was paying me.

So my lucky dinner companions got the No BS advice from me regarding their Facebook campaigns.

One business owner was saying that they used to get all their business from Facebook and just from posting and now Facebook wants me to pay to access my Fans, pooh to them.

Another business owner told me that they spend $100’s a week on a Facebook Like campaign but doesn’t get any sales from it but she continues to do it…

Sound like a slap is the face is coming?

To be blunt I told them, Facebook owns your Fans, you do not own them unless you get them off Facebook and onto your own database.

“How?” One said. I send them to my website and they don’t buy anything, so how can I get them onto my database?

Firstly my little pretty, only 2% of people buy on the first occasion and you’ve got to have everything smick to get that sale.

80% of buying is done on the 5-12th contact.

So the question begs, why not try to BUILD a relationship first before you sell to them?

I compare Facebook Ads to like dating. You don’t walk up to the first guy in a bar and ask for their number.

No you have to build rapport first and find out more about them before you decide whether you want to date them right?

Facebook Ads don’t like speed dating, they like relationships.


Why not give these visitors some information on how you can help them or how your products can help them?

Show them you are the expert, get them to start clicking over to your Blog to read your valuable information.

This starts to build trust with them.

Have articles there that show case studies or testimonials of customers using your product or service, so they can see you are trustworthy.

Use different scenarios from all different types of customers so they can relate and say ‘that’s just like me’.

You might be saying well that’s all too hard.

Building a relationship with a prospective customer takes time and it might be worth $1,000 – $10,000 to you.

Would that be worth the time it takes to write a few blog posts,
emails or case studies?

I would say so.

Don’t waste $1000’s of dollars trying to sell products or services with Facebook Ads without first building a relationship with them, it will be worth more to you in the long run.

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