Facebook Ads Mastery To
More Customers & More Sales

What Facebook Ads Mastery To More Customers & More Sales Includes:

#1 You’ll get 6 weekly videos that take you through every step of my formula to success with Facebook Ads.

You’ll get the entire roadmap to creating successful Facebook ad campaigns from Start to Finish.

  • Wk 1 – How to Research For Your Ideal Audience.
    Using Audience Insights, how to use Graph Search and how to target your competitors audience. Plus we’ll delve deep down into how to use custom audiences for your business.
  • Wk 2 – Landing Pages
    What’s going to work best for your business, what type of page do we need to set up e.g competition page, lead collection page, free report page or specialised promo page.
  • Wk 3 – Setting up your pixels for tracking all of your Ads
  • Wk 4 – Different types of Ads
    When to use the different types of ads (Link Post, Video Ad, Lead Ad, Page post Engagement) and what’s best for your specific business.
  • Wk 5 – Ad Copy
    What you say makes people click on your Ad or click away or get to your landing page and run away.
  • Wk 6 – Why you need to Follow up leads
    How you can follow up with leads and how to split test your ads to find your best performing ones.

Tamra Forde is a direct response marketer who specialises in Facebook Advertising for businesses who want more leads,more customers and more sales.

Tamra has worked with all types of businesses from information businesses, product businesses and services type businesses.

#2 You’ll Get 6 x Weekly Execution Guides
All of the important things that need to be implemented from that weeks lesson. You can print out this PDF and keep it handy to follow the weeks lesson.

#3 You’ll Get 4 x Facebook Marketing Checklists
These checklists are invaluable for when you finish the training and you need to create new campaigns, they’ll contain all the necessary steps you must take in each part of the Facebook ad process.

#4 You’ll Get Access To Our Private Facebook Group
To get all your questions answered and to get feedback from me daily on your marketing questions and Facebook Ad campaigns. This will be ongoing for the 6 weeks training.

$1,594 Value
Now Only $498


2 payments of $299

Unlike a lot of other so called Social Media “Experts” that are adime a dozen, Tamra Forde is the Real Deal!

“I was wanting to know whether there was some “real money” in a particular niche, so rather than just spend a ton of money finding out the expensive way I got Tamra to research the niche for me. Well, Tamra really knows her stuff when it comes to Facebook marketing. She did very specific Facebook research for me which immediately identified how big the market was, who they were, and how to get in front of them with the right advertising. If you want someone who knows what they’re doing with Facebook Ads, and knows how to get you results, then you need to talk to Tamra”.
Mal Emery, The Millionaire Maker

“She understands how to use your website and Facebook Ads to turn it into a real sales asset for your business”

Hi my names Shane Dykstra I’ve been in the fitness industry since 1999 I co-own Urban Energy Fitness on the Gold Coast. Back when I first opened my Crossfit Box, there wasn’t a lot of competition around. It was easy to get new clients simply because there wasn’t a lot for people to choose from.One of the biggest problems we were having was, we were getting heaps of traffic to our website but very little of it was converting into enquiries and customers.After investing with Tamra she helped us understand who our ideal target market was, redesigned our website home page, did email sequences for new and existing clients. After these changes were made we immediately saw a jump in new clients. I’d highly recommend Tamra to other business owners because she understands how to use your website and Facebook Ads to turn it into a real sales asset for your business.
Shane Dykstra, Urban Energy Fitness

Just 1 client paid for his campaign

Reine came to me because the agreement he had with another business made the cost of leads too high, plus he had to pay them a monthly fee for the lifetime of the customer plus not to mention the leads were far and few between.He wanted to put something in place that would attract more people to his business that he could rely on.His customer conversion can be anywhere from 7 days to 3 months, depending on where they are at with their financial goals. He only needed 1 customer to pay for his investment and got this within the 3 months.

The lifetime value of this customer to him will be over $20K.

Reine, Financial Advisor
*Individual results may vary from person to person

Small Budget Pays Off Big Time

Chris had just started a new business and was wanting to spread the word about his products. Usually its’ hard to get a campaign going for a brand new business but as long as we can nail the offer, it will get results.Within the first month we had spent $300 and had over 150 leads. Chris’s product cost from $20-30K, so leads fall into different ranges of when they will buy. Within the first 2 months of starting with me, he had his first sale at $30,000, with a minimum profit of $10,000.

Chris, Portable Buildings
*Individual results may vary from person to person

30 Days to 19 New Clients

Andy was wanting to bring new people into his martial arts gym for a specific Challenge he was running. He then wanted to convert those customers into long term customers for his gym.We ran a 30 day campaign, mind you this was over the busy period in December and January and spent $450. He got 19 people register for a $400 product and made a great profit of nearly $8K minus costs.

We’re now planning out his 6 month marketing so he’s never reacting to quiet periods but instead being proactive so he can fill his gym in advance.

Andy, Martial Arts Training
*Individual results may vary from person to person

Frustrated Doing It For Herself Getting No Results

Kerry came to me because she ran a competition to her Fans on her page and got 2% engagement spent $500 and ran it over 15 days.And got no leads from it. She has nearly 2,000 Fans on her page.Then she got me onboard…

Her aim is to get engagement for her competition plus getting leads (as a follow up prize will be a full skin consultation valued at $99) that she’ll offer all of those that don’t win.

She’s a good sales woman so she’ll convert a good 50% into spending $100 with her or more, or become a regular customer. They usually stay with her for at least 2 years.

She ended up getting 150 entries in her competition and spent most likely less than $200 total for just over 2 weeks.

She had over 15 new customers book in for their $100 treatment within the first 2 weeks.

Kerry, Beauty Clinic
Individual results may vary from person to person