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Tamra Forde
I first started my online business back in 2008. Our online businesses went on to make $30-$50,000 a month selling physical products to people all over the world and became a sellable asset for my partner and I.

In our progress to building that business I discovered Direct Response Marketing and this was the success element that lead to being able to selling that business.

The more my partner and I looked into it and then began to study and apply it, we knew this is what we’d be searching for.

When we applied direct response marketing strategies to our business it completely transformed it.

Direct Response Marketing is all about getting people
to take the actions you want them to, whether that be
through your website, your emails, your paid
advertising or your direct mail pieces.

People started approaching me in 2013 about helping them get more customers and make more money in their businesses because they could see the success of mine.

One day a friend who was struggling in his business asked for some help, we gave him a few ideas and showed him a couple of things.

He made $2,500 off one email idea we gave him, which
covered his overdue home loan repayment that month.

Another idea we helped him with (which he said his clients would not go for) made him $9,800 in 30 days.

That’s when I realised, all those years studying direct response marketing, copywriting and sales I now had valuable skills to help other business owners.

Facebook Advertising just happens to be one of my specialities where I can help put in place a marketing strategy through a social media channel. I’ve been implementing this for business owners since 2013. So this is where Facebook Ads Made Easy was born.

I’m not a big wanky “marketing company” who gets you in and then palms you off to some $40,000 a year employee, who has never started a business from scratch and never paid for advertising out of their own pocket.

When you work with me, you work with me.

Daily I’m in the trenches in our businesses and our clients, so I know what is and isn’t working when it comes to getting you more customers and profits through Facebook Ads.

I’m only into facts and proven strategies, not digital marketing
fluff – like Impressions, Likes or Return on Engagement.

But I must warn you…

If you’re into following trends, and you’re wanting to look and sound just “like” your competition, then I’m probably not for you.

And if you want your Facebook Ads to be about you and not your customers, then I’m probably not for you either.

I work well with and get great results for business owners
who want more customers, more sales, and want to increase
their profits.

If you want proven strategies for your business so you get more customers and increase your profits with Facebook Ads then get in touch with me.