Messenger Ads and How They Can Be Used To Increase Your Customers

//Messenger Ads and How They Can Be Used To Increase Your Customers

Messenger Ads and How They Can Be Used To Increase Your Customers

Over the last week I’ve been talking about Messenger Ads to my list.

Facebook have nearly completely rolled out all of their functions to all accounts.

However some still only have 1 out of the 3 options to use them.

Messenger Ads are allowing businesses to connect with their audience and reach new people. This is a truely big game changer for businesses if they use it correctly.

People’e preference are shifting in relation to contacting businesses

*56% of people would rather message than call customer service

*More than 1 in 2 say they are more likely to shop with a business they can message.

So like I said to my list, if 56% of people see your Offer and then don’t contact you because it’s only by phone, you’re leaving that money on the table.

Me on the other hand knowing that, I’m trying to implement everything I can to make sure I’m converting a higher percentage than those that are just ready now (2-5%).

You want to know how to implement this into your business?

Great let’s have a look at the options:

1)Facebook messenger as a destination – it appears in your audiences newsfeed like a regular link post ad but when clicked on, opens up to Messenger to start a conversation.

2)Facebook messenger as a Placement – this is in your Ad set up when you are creating a new campaign and choosing Placement of newsfeed, right column, Instagram etc. Messenger if you have the option will now be located in there.

However with this option – you can only contact people who have been contacting your business through Messenger.

3) Normal Posts – Now in your Posting area you will see you have 7 coloured boxes that offer different options, one of those being – Get Messages.

Here you can create a new post with Get Messages,then you can boost it and choose who you want to target for your audience and decide how much you want to spend.

What I love about these new Messenger Ads is that fact we can follow up on people that have gone to our landing pages, opt in pages or sales pages with a private message shown only to those that have been there, asking if they want to ask a question.

What we are doing is trying to get inside their head and find out what their objection is and how can we help solve that so they’ll complete the action we want them to.

All we are doing by putting a Messenger Ad in front of our Retargeting Audience is trying to overcome their barrier to entry by introducing a personal connection.

Messenger ads can also be used at different points in your funnel that allow you to:

*Reminder them about Flash sales or special deals for upcoming holidays.

*Promote new products to Website Custom Audiences

*We can even announce new content/checklist etc of things that may help our audience.

This is not a fad or some special feature for the month. Messenger ads will only increase in the next year to two. With the popularity of other Messenger type apps, this ad feature will surely grow, so it’s best you get in on the ground floor while you can.

And while your competitors know nothing about it;)


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