How Using This Stalking Strategy Will Make You More Money

//How Using This Stalking Strategy Will Make You More Money

How Using This Stalking Strategy Will Make You More Money

Yes I am talking about stalking people on the internet, but not in the way you might be thinking 🙂

If you have been using paid advertising for your business you may have even heard of this term…

You may have even encountered it yourself when shopping for something for yourself. Say you were looking at some shoes from Novo (yes I am a woman and I love shoes).

Then all of a sudden shoes that you were looking at on Novo started following you around the internet and being shown on unrelated websites. Did it seem like that company was stalking you?

This is because they were using this profitable strategy.

It’s called Remarketing or Retargeting. This is when you show ads to people who previously visited your website.

This strategy is a mile deep in how you can target your visitors and I don’t have days to teach you how it works but I can get you started using it so you can make your Ad campaigns more profitable.

When you send people to your website via Ads (Facebook or Google) a percentage of people will subscribe, a small percentage may buy what you have and others will leave.

Retargeting allows you to show ads to these visitors in different ways.

For example a visitor that may visit your webpage but not take the action you want them to (subscribe or buy). You could show these visitors another offer for a similiar product or show them a different opt in.

For the people that came to your site but subscribed but didn’t buy your initial offer, you could show them a different sales page.

By now you can see how many different types of Ads could be created to make sure you are following up on all levels of visitors to your site.

A lot of the time your front end offers won’t be as profitable as your Retargeting ads. Without doing Retargeting and stalking people your campaign will be leaving large amounts of money on the table.

To get started on Facebook with Retargeting all you need to do is go to the Manage Ads screen – then click on Tools – then drop down and click Pixels.

Install the pixel Facebook gives you on the web page you want to track, if you don’t know how to do this then get your web guy to do it. Once it’s installed visit the page and then check in Facebook Pixel area, it should say that it is now active.

You can track the results you are getting through this area also.

Once you get the hang of Retargeting you can start using more advanced strategies like tracking purchases, add to carts, visited blog but didn’t opt in, bought $7 product but didn’t buy $97 product etc. If all of this seems a little overwhelming it can be.

If this technical stuff is too scary for you and you’d prefer to do the money making tasks, get in touch with me, I can get you started quickly and easily with a Retargeting campaign for your business. Contact me by email at


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