Here’s Goes 2017, You Ready?

//Here’s Goes 2017, You Ready?

Here’s Goes 2017, You Ready?

Welcome to this New Year of 2017.

How did your year start off?

Did you write out all your plans and goals for the next year?

Things you would change or do better this year?

I try to take some time off in December and do all my planning.

Get my head right and think without all the distractions and think about the bigger picture.

I had a few of those days where I could really map out what I wanted my year to be like. I was lucky enough to attend a Mastermind in Mackay with friend and mentor Pete Godfrey and other like minded business owners – where I got a few ideas on where I could take my business.

If you’re on my email list you’ll be lucky enough to hear about them in the next month or so.

And my predictions for 2017 is that Facebook is going to bring some big changes and it’s going to benefit all those that use it as a marketing tool.

Facebook was doing some Beta testing with the big boys spending millions last year on new features that I’m really excited about implementing in small to medium sized businesses I work with this year.

As Facebook gets smarter, it’s evolving and using all that amazing gold (data) it gathers from it’s members for people like us who advertise.

They’ve been working hard to make sure that the ads get the results advertisers are looking for so they keep spending money.

And look all the changes they brought in last year were amazing, especially the retargeting.

This is the ability to retarget people who’ve been to your website and didn’t take a specific action, or even watched your video til 50% and not til the end or watched the whole video and didn’t take action at the end.

Plus just recent this year – you can now target people who engaged with your content or your Page. This one is BIG peeps.

But hey I’m not going to divulge all the gold mining spots for Facebook Ads in this one Blog post 🙂

I will be sharing my takes on Facebook advertising and where I can case studies of businesses I am working with and their results each month.

If you didn’t get your next few months sorted at least make sure you do by the end of the month 🙂

Til next time

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