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FROM: Tamra Forde – Facebook Ads Master Trainer

Dear friend,

Are you ready for Facebook Ads to open up its customer gold mine to you?

No more pulling your hair out because you can’t get any leads or customers out of it.

No more throwing money at Facebook ads week in week out with little to no results and wondering how the heck you can get this to work for you when it works for others.

That’s because I’m about to take the complication out of Facebook and show you the secret steps to its Pandora’s box where the gold lies.

Are you ready to throw what you know out the door and discover
simple steps to mastering Facebook Ads?

Hey and if you’re not ready to commit to 4 short weeksto mastering a skill 98% of your competition know nothing about, think about your competitors that might jump on this…

Where does that leave you?

Do you want to keep doing what you’ve been doing and hope things will change
or will you do something about it?

Because I’ve been overwhelmed with interest about my 4 weeks to Facebook Ad Mastery…and many of my subscribers are jumping up and down to get started.

There’s nothing like this training out there that takes the complication out of Facebook and simplifies it.

So this training should sell out very quickly.

That’s because I’m only offering just 15 spots to this new and very exclusive group. Once the 15 spots are filled, this page will come down.

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Let me explain…

If you’ve ever wanted to know the ACTUAL steps to take to create a successful Facebook Ad campaign and use it as the marketing tool it is, to get you…

Real leads, customers and sales
that want to buy what you have…

Then listen up.

My new 4 Weeks to Facebook Ads Mastery is just what you need.

In fact…

In just 4 short weeks you can go from Facebook Ad newbie to Facebook Ad Master.

I’m only after 15 Facebook Ad Trainees to try out the course and reap the rewards on offer…

All I ask from you is your feedback on the training…

  • What you enjoyed about it
  • What breakthroughs you experienced
  • What else you’d like to see included in the training
  • If you have any suggestions on how it could be improved
  • And of course a great testimonial once you start getting results.

So that I can…

Take your feedback on board, add any suggested information to make the course even better and package it up into a full-blown course I’ll release in November.

In return for your feedback I’ll train you for 4 full weeks on my triple prong formula…so you too can create successful Facebook Ad campaigns that get the results you want for your business any time you please.

The GOOD NEWS is you don’t have to wait til November…

Get in now and you won’t have to wait

That’s because this new 4-week online training kicks off on 29th August and I’m taking on 15 Facebook Ad Trainees right now.

Here are all the details of this brand new online training and what you get when you become a Facebook Ads Trainee.

1. Facebook Ads Mastery Weekly Module

Each week for 4 weeks, you get sent a PDF module; outlining what you must do to create your own successful Facebook Ad campaigns.

Week 1: Building an Audience: This will be the most important week because we’ll be laying the foundations for your Facebook campaign.

  • You’ll discover how to create 3 Audiences that’ll get you all the results you want with Facebook Ads.
  • Why creating audiences is your first step and how to do it correctly.
  • We’ll go over the most important audience 99% of businesses do not set up and thus miss out on a lot of new customers and profits but you won’t be.
  • Plus why this audience is the basis for all future campaigns success saving you thousands of dollars in the process.

Week 2: Building an Audience Part B is a secret strategy only the top Facebook marketers know how to do well.

99% of businesses DO NOT do this step.

  • It’s all about building content for your specific business that gets interested people to your site whobuy from you later. And I’m not talking about getting them to give you their email address and details either.
  • Here’s where we drive traffic to highly valuable pieces of content that’ll help build your relationship with your new prospects. (We call this the dating s

Week 3: This is where we focus on Building your Leads. This is where 98% of businesses start and make the mistake of targeting people that do not know them.

  • This week we get down into the real nitty gritty of creating a special offer that we can offer to a newly created interested audiences.
  • We’ll look at what kind of offers will work best for your business and how to make it so easy for your audience to take action.
  • Plus we’ll go through your special offer page and what needs to be on that to convert visitors into buyers. (This is where 99% of businesses get it wrong but it’s so easily fixed by using this strategy).

Week 4: How to sell or generate interest in what you’ve got. Our last week we’ll focus on getting the sales, whether you have a product or service.

  • This is where we use all of our Facebook Mastery from the last 3 weeks and launch our campaign for our real objective.
  • Here you’re going to create conversion focused campaigns to target only the warm traffic we’ve created. This is the game changer because 98% of businesses target a cold audience and waste a lot of money in the process.

2. Facebook Ads Mastery Weekly Calls:

Each week for 4 weeks we’ll jump onto Zoom and we’ll go over the weekly module and I’ll screen share with you the steps you need to take for each specific Facebook strategy.

3. Facebook Ads Mastery Weekly Recording:

Each week the call gets recorded and sent to you in an email so if you can’t make the call you can replay it when you want. This will also help you retain the strategies better.

It gets even better…you get one on one personal
help from the Master Facebook Trainer

To make this the easiest decision of your life, I’ve added something special that guarantees you create your own successful Facebook Ad campaigns without delay and without complications.

Facebook Ads Mastery is an interactive
experience with me on your team, personally
helping you with your next promotion!

4. 30 minute Facebook Ads Mastery Strategy Call

This makes sure your next campaign gets the result you want.

At the end of the 4 weeks send me your finished campaign and we’ll go through it together on the phone or Skype. I’ll point out the campaigns strengths; any missed steps and give you suggestions on where to strengthen it to get you your desired results.

Then you can go away and make the changes before taking the campaign live to make sure you start with your best effort forward.

As you can see, you get the whole package…my
complete step-by-step system to creating successful
Facebook Ad campaigns whenever you want.
And with one-on-one attention to make sure the
training sticks.

Fact is, once you understand my triple prong formula in my Facebook Ads Mastery training, your results become almost predictable.

There is no theory in this training. This is my hard won lessons put to work over the last 4 years with my money to get results.

From the feedback I’ve received from business owners over the past few years is that Facebook Ads is confusing and complicated.

So the way I teach this is simple strategies that step you through each part so you can see exactly what needs to be implemented.

I’ll go through each process to show you what the finished strategy should look like.

This way we make the complicated Facebook process simple.

What’s taken me years of expensive lessons and testing with my own money gets handed to you in a simple step-by-step strategy that you instantly get the lesson.

Perfect for people who want results quickly

The feedback I received from my last online course was that 6 weeks was too long and the amount of work they had to do was too much.

The advanced stuff was way over their head and when I looked at it, it didn’t really need to be included with that course.

So I’ve shortened it to just 4 weeks and included only the important parts you NEED to know to get a Facebook campaign off the ground and start getting results.

What’s taken me 4 years of a lot of time, hard work and investment I’ve condensed down into 4 weekly training lessons. Each one won’t take more than 30 minutes on the live call to go through.

You get my complete triple prong formula for Facebook Ads Mastery laid out in a simple to consume training without having to go through hundreds of pages in a manual all by yourself.

Plus I even guarantee your investment

In the extremely unlikely event you get to the end of my training and you’re disappointed in any way with your purchase, let me know and I’ll gladly refund every cent of your investment. This is the fairest way I know to show you how valuable this training really is.

Your Investment?

I’m sure by now you probably think this is going to cost a small fortune. I mean…

You’ll get:

  • My full 4 week Facebook Ads Mastery training containing 4
    weekly modules, 4 weekly calls and 4 recorded audios.
  • And a 30 min Facebook Ads Mastery Strategy call with me to
    make sure your campaign is successful.

But relax. As I said I need your help with feedback right?

I want you to get results and see how easy Facebook Ads can be once you know the formula. And of course get me back a great, results based testimonial I can use in November.

So in return I’m going to help you out with your investment.

Your investment today is just two payments of $225…

Or you can pay in full at just $397, and save yourself $53.00.

It’s your choice.

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Act Now To Secure Your Spot

Look we all know these 15 spots will fill fast. There’s no doubt about it. So it’s important you act now to lock in your spot.

And remember you are completely covered with my money back guarantee.

*You can go through the whole 4-week training

*Use the weekly modules to set up a successful Facebook campaign

*Get on the phone with me for your Strategy call to make sure your campaign is set up correctly and ready to rock.

And after all that if you feel it wasn’t worth your investment, then I’ll gladly refund your investment.

Jump on this while you can.

And I’ll see you on the inside.

And just think, once you know my exact steps to creating a successful Facebook Ad campaign, you WILL get more leads, customers and sales easily without wasting anymore money or time.

I can’t wait to show you how easy Facebook Ads can be when you know how.

Plus I’m looking forward to showing you the correct steps to take when setting up a your Facebook marketing strategy, this strategy alone is worth 10 times your investment. Only the top 2% of businesses are using this correctly.

So you can see how excited this makes me. As your one of the first 15 you’re special to me. I can’t wait to hear about the light bulb moments you have when you see these steps.

You’ll know straight away you made the right decision and instantly see the profit potential to your business of this very exclusive training.

Secure your spot now, it’s going to be fun.

$450.00 $397.00Add to cart


Facebook Ads Master

P.S Once you claim your spot, I’ll send you more details and welcome you on board. Then on the 29th August I’ll send you your first training module.

P.P.S This triple prong Ads formula has never been shared before…and my method isn’t being taught by anyone else that shows how to turn Facebook Ads from complicated to simple.