Attention Busy Business Owners

Want New Leads & Customers But Don’t Know How To Get Them
Or Sick Of Spending Money On Marketing To Get Nothing In Return?

Then you’re in the right place, that’s because…

If you’ve ever tried to run a Facebook campaign on your own, you’ll understand how complicated they can be.

And if done wrong, can cost you hundreds if not thousands…

Not to mention no new leads, customers or sales.

Sound familiar?

That’s because 90% of businesses that try Facebook Ads have been in the same boat.

That includes me.

Hi my name’s Tamra Forde.

When I first started out using Facebook Ads 4 years ago, it was for my own ecommerce business.

I had to learn quick smart how to get Facebook Ads to work without spending too much money figuring it out.

And to be honest, there was a time when I thought, crap it’s not going to work for MY business.

Ever felt like that?

That’s when I bought everything I could and studied the best in the world on Facebook Ads and tried a whole different angle.

Then all of a sudden, it was like a light bulb went on.

I had finally figured out how to use Facebook Ads as a marketing tool to get as many leads, customers and sales as I wanted.

I could turn the tap on or turn the tap off whenever I wanted.

There is a certain feeling you get when you’ve figured out
the marketing solutions for your business.

And that’s what I want for your business too.

To do that, we take full control of all aspects of your Facebook Ad campaign.

We listen to what your objective is and customise the campaign around that.

We can create all the following for your business:

  • Create your Targeting, specific types of audiences you want to target

  • Professionally design all your Ad graphics
  • Create all Ad copy
  • Create your Video ad and even design your script for you
  • We will create a specific landing page for your business, all graphics, copy and design included.
  • Plus we’ll test and measure your Ad campaign until we get the results you want.

But I’m going to make the decision even easier to work with us…

We’ll build your Facebook ad campaigns
and deliver you with Leads and if we don’t,

Why am I making such an outrageous offer?

Well last year I worked with over 70 different businesses and having been in the trenches with those businesses, this led me to work out a formula.

A formula that gets leads for businesses every time.

Please note – if you do not have ads funnel in place you will be quoted for the set up of this.

How This Works

There is a set up fee to get your Facebook campaign and landing page created.

This fee will cover you for the first month of management –from this month we will be see straight away whether or not you’ll pay the final fee.

NOTE: We cannot guarantee the amount of leads, however we will set a minimum amount of leads with you.

We’re looking for only for a handful of clients (5) to take on each month because of this unique leads based service so we can make sure the clients we select will be a good fit and we can deliver on our promise.

I look forward to chatting with you and getting your business the results it deserves.

Tamra Forde
Owner FB Ads Made Easy agency