Discover how to reach the exact audience you want
with relevant targeted Facebook Ads.

Facebook Ads
Mastery Club

As business owners we’re all so busy running the business but we need to make sure we make time to work ON our businesses.

I wanted to give business owners the opportunity to learn at their speed, when they can but getting rid of all the fluff and giving exact strategies I am using with my clients that are getting results.

So you’re not wasting time you don’t have and flushing money down the drain on strategies that don’t work for YOUR business.

Tamra Forde

Benefit from the powerful
of the FB Ads Mastery Club

The idea to create a place business owners could come and learn the most up to date strategies for Facebook Ad Marketing was brought about having conversations with many of my clients who tried Facebook ad courses and didn’t get the information they were looking for.

I’d already created an online course for the 6 main elements I thought were important everyone followed.

But I knew that Facebook was changing rapidly and I needed to make sure new students knew about new features Facebook were bringing out almost monthly.

That’s when the idea of Facebook Ads Mastery Club came about.

Breaking down the complex that is Facebook Ads.

How the FB Ads Mastery Club
Will Help:

Learn The Foundations, Get The Latest Changes & Get Access To Help

Gives you somewhere to learn the foundations of Facebook marketing, new strategies with new Ad features and also the ability to bounce ideas for your campaign off me and answer your questions monthly.

Having worked with over 70 different businesses, whatever you’re challenge you can guarantee I have been through it and found a solution.


$47Monthly(Price available for a limited time)

Facebook Ads Beginners Club – Beginners is exactly that, it focuses on building the right foundations of a Facebook Ads campaign.  You get 4 Modules to get started in building successful Facebook Ad campaigns with the right elements to get the results you want for your business. You also have access to the private Facebook group for Beginners.  Within Beginners, I‘ll also share replay recordings of the monthly webinars that are otherwise provided live to Mastery members.

$97Monthly(Price available for a limited time)

Facebook Ads Mastery Club – Mastery is the complete package for more intermediate Facebook advertisers. You’ll have access to live monthly webinars, a monthly Q & A call when members can submit their campaigns to be critiqued or submit questions beforehand for me to help you find the right solution, PLUS you’ll get personal email access to me to get your questions answered when you need.