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Need Your Facebook Ad Campaign To
Deliver You MORE Leads
Customers Than You’re
Currently Getting?

Tamra Forde

Tamra Forde
FB Marketing Expert


This is where my Facebook Ads Consulting can give your business the
jump start it needs and get you the results you want quickly.

Consultations are best suited for businesses who have the tech know how or have a team that are capable of making all the necessary changes to Ads, images and website pages.

Or for businesses who just want someone to help them to get better results for their marketing spend.

Facebook Ads can be tricky to get the right response that you want. They are a multi layer marketing strategy that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

They’re not like a Google Ad where all you do is choose the keywords, write the ad and pop it up.

If you get the images wrong or your targeting wrong, you can wind up spending a lot of money for little results and think Facebook Ads are a waste of time.

Consultations can be a quick and easy way to cut through the crap and get to the point and make sure you’ve got all the right pieces of the Facebook jigsaw puzzle in the right place.

And this is where I come in.

My valuable experience with Facebook Ad campaigns over the last 3 years consulting and working for all sorts of businesses from Service type businesses to Product based businesses and Information type businesses, will fast track and improve your Ads to get the results you really want.

How A Consult Session Works:

  1. Fill out the form below to book the best available time and day.
  2. I’ll then send a short questionnaire through for you to fill out and get back to me for what you want to achieve in the Consult.

* The session is 30-40minutes conducted on Skype or Zoom (where we can screenshare)

* You can discuss anything you like about your Facebook Ad campaign.

This includes:

  • Your audience creation
  • Your ad graphics
  • Your ad copy
  • Your landing pages
  • Your ad strategy and offer
  • Or your content creation strategies

Or more in depth strategies like:

  • Your retargeting campaigns
  • Pixel set up
  • Ad optimisation
  • Split testing ads
  • Measuring your ad results
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P.S. I am only Available on: Wednesdays and Fridays, 10:30am & 1:00pm only


Note that time slots are at a premium and are often booked days or weeks in advance. If you reschedule, you are essentially taking two time slots. If you cancel, that spot is often not fillable at the last minute.

As a result, appointments cannot be rescheduled, and cancellations will not be refunded. If a new time is needed, payment will be required for that second meeting time.