Messenger Ads and How They Can Be Used To Increase Your Customers

Over the last week I've been talking about Messenger Ads to my list. Facebook have nearly completely rolled out all of their functions to all accounts. However some still only have 1 out of the 3 options to use them. Messenger Ads are allowing businesses to connect with their audience and reach new people. This is [...]

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Are You Going Through It or Growing With It?

I love my dog's life, she truly knows how to live. delta-weights She wakes up in the morning, ready to go for her morning walk, comes home has breakfast. Then sleeps most of the day til she's ready for her walk in the afternoon. She lives in the present and truly experiences everything in [...]

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Why Facebook Fans Won’t Buy From You

I had an interesting conversation with some business owners over the Christmas break, just relaxed chats over good food and wine of course. I don’t know about you but my ability to eat a lot more seafood and relax with a wine daily becomes habit over the Christmas break. Luckily I’m back into the swing [...]

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