Are You Going Through It or Growing With It?

//Are You Going Through It or Growing With It?

Are You Going Through It or Growing With It?

I love my dog’s life, she truly knows how to live. delta-weights

She wakes up in the morning, ready to go for her morning walk, comes home has breakfast. Then sleeps most of the day til she’s ready for her walk in the afternoon. She lives in the present and truly experiences everything in that moment.

You know you and I, well that sorta got blasted out of us as we grew up. As young adults we were taught that you need to get a job, go to university and then get a real job or whatever that meant.

We were moulded to be responsible, have a profession and to have long term relationships that led to marriage, 3 kids and a house.

And that’s life.

Everything you do is leading to that outcome. We forget how to live in the moment, or how to be fluid and go with the flow and get taken off course.

We let the same process happen in our business.

We get so caught up in the running of it, we are just going through the motions of each day and each stage of the business.

We don’t grow with it, adapt and maybe even change our direction, we get tied to moving forward regardless of if it’s not working.

I see this a lot in different businesses Facebook ad campaigns.

Business owners are just going through the motions.

Facebook Ads are a continual strategy, they are not a Set and Forget strategy.

If you set and forget you might be surprised with the Bill at the end of the month from Facebook.

Your Ads need a growth strategy and this starts from the very start. You need to have steps in place if your first campaign doesn’t work, and it might not.

7 out of 10 of my campaigns don’t work but sometimes I hit the nail on the head and get it within the first 2 go’s.
So what can you do to put a Growth strategy into your Facebook Ad Campaign?

Great question. There are many ways but let’s get you started with just a few.

Here’s a few Growth strategies you should be using for your Facebook Ad campaign:

*Do have an ongoing Like campaign to build your Fans so you can send them targeted offers.

This is not about blowing your own horn this is about Social proof and having Fans that like your page means they are warm leads that you can retarget with special offers.

*Do create great content that will enhance your Fans life, quality or quantity here. Facebook prefer we build and nurture a relationship with our Fans instead of selling to them all the time.


That content can be on your Blog page or your home page. As long as it can be consumed without opting in or buying something. What you are doing here is showing your expertise and building trust with your Fans.

*Do Retarget your website traffic. This is one of the ways to get the most out of your marketing dollar.

If someone lands on your page and doesn’t opt in or go to the checkout page, we can retarget them so we can show them another Ad at a later date.

If they clicked on your Ad they were interested in what you had so it may have been the offer you gave they didn’t like at the time or it wasn’t the right time for them but they were interested. So make sure you are setting up your Retargeting.

Big growth strategy here.

Now if you are really serious about using Facebook Ads to get the best results then you’ll put these strategies in place.

A Facebook Ad campaign has many elements to it just like building a house. You need to have the foundations in place first before you can build the house on top.

Facebook Ads are NOT a ‘The be all, end all’ strategy and you’re mad if you think they are.

Don’t expect to just put up one Ad and it’s going to solve all your problems. It’s not. You need a Growth strategy behind your Facebook Ads campaign to get you the results you want. Grow with your results and adapt as you go along, your campaign will be much more successful if you do.

If you want to learn more about how to structure your Facebook Ad campaigns check out my Free 3 Part Video Series on How to crack the Facebook Ads code and get a consistent predictable stream of new customers and sales in your business.

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