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Find Out EXACTLY If Your Market Is On Facebook
Before Spending Any Money On Ads

This is an extensive analysis for businesses requiring research on a market before creating a product or selling to a specific niche audience through Facebook.

This allows a business to see what big their market there is, specific demographics, who are their competitors and advanced research on their target market.

What this does for your business is make sure you are targeting EXACTLY who you want to without the wasted dollars.


This ideally should be done before starting a new Facebook Ad campaign however can be done at anytime you feel your business needs more market research on their Facebook audience.

Unlike a lot of other so called Social Media “Experts” that are a
dime a dozen, Tamra Forde is the Real Deal!

“I was wanting to know whether there was some “real money” in a particular niche, so rather than just spend a ton of money finding out the expensive way I got Tamra to research the niche for me. Well, Tamra really knows her stuff when it comes to Facebook marketing. She did very specific Facebook research for me which immediately identified how big the market was, who they were, and how to get in front of them with the right advertising. If you want someone who knows what they’re doing with Facebook Ads, and knows how to get you results, then you need to talk to Tamra”.

Mal Emery, The Millionaire Maker

How This Service Works:

  1. Submit the form below to request my Advanced Facebook Research, specify how urgent it is so I can see where you can fit into my schedule.
  2. Once you’re booked in, it will take 5-7 days to get the research back to you.
  3. Once my Advanced Research Report has been sent, we will have a 20 minute call to go over it and what needs to be done. It’s then up to your team to implement them and make the changes before starting your new improved Facebook Ad campaign.

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